Lack of forecast and planning accuracy
Not enough or too much inventory at hand
Lost revenue on promo sales - up to 25% of total volume
Lost sales due to understocking or higher than necessary inventory carrying costs due to overstocking
Promo Demand Forecast provides accurate forecast for promo sales, using machine learning algorithms. Promo Demand Forecast algorithms are fully integrated with OSA Hybrid Platform and Online Radar, taking advantage of the synergy and mutual enrichment of data between the key AIA services.
OSA Hybrid Platform
Promo Demand Forecast
Online Radar
How does
it work?
Full integration with OSA Hybrid Platform provides additional effect when receiving data on planned promo sales
Promo Demand Forecast
Forecasts and plans the volume of promo sales
OSA Hybrid Platform
Using promo forecast, focuses on sales plan execution for promo products via task setting for store staff
OSA Hybrid Platform
Stimulates the task execution by the store staff or merchandisers and controls the execution discipline
Use historic product availability data for Promo Demand Forecast
Online Radar
Provides control tool in order to ensure on-shelf availability of promo and regular products
Use historic product availability data for Promo Demand Forecast
Get the benefits of 2025 today!
The algorithm calculates the forecast for 2,500 stores of any format simultaneously
Forecast is calculated at the store level for each PLU and includes all categories regardless of their turnover
Forecast is 30% more precise (MAPE) than the standard forecast methods in retail
The forecast calculation takes 2 hours
Promo forecast can be made up to 3 weeks ahead